How to install Air Seal Chamber (Hop Up Rubber)
1. The tools
  2. The standard M4 Chamber of AEGs

3. Take out the lock   4. Pull the chamber
5. Unsrew the hop up adjuster   6. Pull out the first gear
7. Pull the second gear out   8. Then pull the last gear
9. Take out the roller packing inside   10. Align the line with the line in the barrel
11. The placement should be as shown above   12. Lightly spray with silicone oil
13. Spray only the outter wall. DO NOT spray the Air Seal Chamber's mouth, as it will effect the projectile.   14. Re-install the barrel
15. Barrel possition   16. Install the roller packing here
17. Make sure the roller packing is inserted correctly. Then reinstall the gears.
  18. Very lightly spray silicon oil. As too much oil will again effect the projectile.