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Category- AEG Parts

 CSP-07-03 - CELCIUS Extreme Spring CS400 for AEG
 Item ID  CSP-07-03
 Item Name  CELCIUS Extreme Spring CS400 for AEG
 Information  Material: High Carbon Steel
 CELCIUS introduces the new breed of high technology. The transfer of technology from the battlefield to Automatic Electric Gun reaches new level in CELCIUS.
 A state of the art production line ensures the highest level of protection for parts in use without compromising the targeted performance. CELCIUS is capable of putting out maximum performance which exceeds previous results.
 CELCIUS design is all about its extreme sportiness and a unique sophistication. The balance has been struck in the individual component and the directed objective that only cutting edge technology and skilled hand crafting can achieve.
 Link to this page  www.celciustechnology.com?iid=CSP-07-03
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