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Category- CTW Parts - M4 - Gear Box

 Item ID: A-GBX-01-CNC
 Factory Assembled Gear Box Set
 Item ID: ASB-GBX-01
 Gearbox Set 1 (Factory Assembled)
 Gear Case Left & Right - CNC
 Celcius Reformation Gearbox Case
 Celcius Reformation Gearbox III - Limited Edition
 Item ID: ELC-001
 Smart Electrical Control Unit (Full Auto)
 Item ID: ELC-001-D
 CELCIUS DYNAMIC ECU™ (Full Auto & Burst)
 Item ID: ELC-001B
 Smart Electrical Control Unit (BURST)
 Item ID: ELC-002
 Selector Switch Board
 Item ID: GBX-001
 Gear Case Right Side
 Item ID: GBX-001-CNC
 Gear Case Right Side - CNC
 Item ID: GBX-002
 Gear Case Left Side
 Item ID: GBX-002-CNC
 Gear Case Left Side - CNC
 Item ID: GBX-003
 Bevel / Helical Gear
 Item ID: GBX-003MIL
 Bevel / Helical Gear
 Item ID: GBX-004
 Bearing for Bevel Gear (Set 0f 2)
 Item ID: GBX-005
 Helical/Sun Gear
 Item ID: GBX-005H
 Helios - Reinforced Sun Gear
 Item ID: GBX-006
 Sun Gear Bearing
 Item ID: GBX-007
 Internal Sector Gear
 Item ID: GBX-008-L
 Planetary Gear (Steel Lathe)
 Item ID: GBX-008-S
 Planetary Gear (Sintering) Set of 3
 Item ID: GBX-009
 Bearing Plate
 Item ID: GBX-010
 Planetary Gear Shaft (Set of 4)
 Item ID: GBX-010MIL
 Planetary Gear Shaft (Set of 4) MIL/LE GRADE
 Item ID: GBX-011
 Internal Sector Gear Shim
 Item ID: GBX-011-L
 Laser Cut Internal Sector Gear Shim
 Item ID: GBX-012
 Sun Gear Shaft
 Item ID: GBX-013
 Sun Gear Shaft Bushing
 Item ID: GBX-014
 Item ID: GBX-015
 Trigger Spring
 Item ID: GBX-016
 Trigger Lock
 Item ID: GBX-017
 Trigger Lock Spring
 Item ID: GBX-018
 Selector Lever
 Item ID: GBX-019
 Selector Click Ball Screw
 Item ID: GBX-020
 Selector Click Ball Spring
 Item ID: GBX-021
 Selector Click Ball
 Item ID: GBX-022
 Selector Rack Gear
 Item ID: GBX-023
 Fixing Screw for Gear Case (Set of 5)
 Item ID: GBX-024
 Shims for Bevel Gear (Set of 2)
 Item ID: GBX-025
 Set Screw for Gear Box (Set of 2)
 Item ID: GBX-026
 Line Set Plate

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