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Category- CTW Parts - M4 - Lower Receiver

 LWR-008-AMB - CELCIUS Lightweight Ambidextrous Magazine Release
 Item ID  LWR-008-AMB
 Item Name  CELCIUS Lightweight Ambidextrous Magazine Release
 Information  CELCIUS Lightweight Ambidextrous Magazine Release, gives both right and left-handed shooters the flexibility to choose from several different magazine release methods. Also eliminates magazine retention problems.
 It is "perfect fit" replacement for the original magazine catch for M4 Carbines, AR15 Rifles, and M16A2 Rifles.
 CELCIUS choose to use aircraft grade aluminum because light weight is an advantage. It is 100% CNC processed, and the surface finish is hard anodized, strong enough to be used with steel magazine.
 Color: Mate Black / Mate Silver
 Screw Type: Flat, Allen Head 2.0 (metric)
 Link to this page  www.celciustechnology.com?iid=LWR-008-AMB
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