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Category- Tactical Pen

 CTP-01-OD - CELCIUS Tactical Pen CTP-01 (OD)
 Item ID  CTP-01-OD
 Item Name  CELCIUS Tactical Pen CTP-01 (OD)
 Information  CELCIUS Tactical Pen (Patent Pending) is the world first tactical pen with extendable barrel. Size does make a difference!
 If you are serious about self defense you need to be carrying some type of weapon in daily basis. CELCIUS Tactical Pen is a high-quality pen that specifically designed for improvise self defense weapon. Most purpose designed weapon like knife or gun are not allowed to be carry around. In other way, the attacker may be carrying a weapon in some ways. In most cases, attacker often has some more advantages over you. He may be stronger, bigger, or he may have friends with him which mean you facing multiple attackers situation. Anyone in those circumstances, having a weapon could make all the difference.
 Refill type: Parker G2 / Schmidt P900
 Link to this page  www.celciustechnology.com?iid=CTP-01-OD
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