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Category- CTW/PTW Upgrade Parts

 BRL-CB-14 - CELCIUS Carbon Fiber Outer Barrel 14.5inch
 Item ID  BRL-CB-14
 Item Name  CELCIUS Carbon Fiber Outer Barrel 14.5inch
 Information  The world first Ultra Lightweight Carbon Fiber Outer Barrel for M4 Series Training Weapon.
 CELCIUS new Carbon Fiber Outer Barrels for M4 Series Training Weapon. This is the latest or most advanced stage in the development of accuracy and range technology, providing multiple levels of adjustment and superior inner barrel stabilization. In addition to being the most precise outer barrel on the market they will also reduce gun weight dramatically since being made from carbon fiber these are incredibly light weight; only about 75 grams / 2.6oz / 0.165#.
 Thread: CCW (Negative / Anti-Clock Wise)
 Weight: 75-130g (depends on the length)
 Link to this page  www.celciustechnology.com?iid=BRL-CB-14
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