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Category- CTW/PTW Upgrade Parts

 ELC-iECU-PTW - CELCIUS iECU - Bluetooth (For PTW)
 Item Name  CELCIUS iECU - Bluetooth (For PTW)
 Information  New Features:
 Intelligent ECU for Systema PTW
 Bluetooth 4.0
 Real Time Programming System
 Connect your Training Weapon with your computer via Bluetooth, and it will tell you about the health of your gun!
 Directly Programmable and can also be programmed from a computer!
 Main features:
 - Full Auto & Burst
 - Ultra Sensitive New Sensor
 - 100 Brightness Level Blue LED
 - Intelligent Faults Detector
 iECU Bluetooth Programming Commands:
 1. Show All Command
 2. Fire Mode
 3. Fire
 4. Auto Mode
 5. Burst Mode
 6. Enable/Disable AUTO mode (For Competition & Germany)
 7. Set Led Level and Led Level
 8. Led Normal
 9. Led Battery
 10. Set Battery Three
 11. Set Battery Four
 12. Battery Cell
 13. All Data
 14. Battery Voltage
 15. Total Rounds Fired
 16. Three Seconds Rules
 17. Check Bluemodule
 18. Check IR
 19. Check MOSFET
 20. Check Motor
 21. Check Selector
 22. Check Trigger
 23. Show Over Time
 Link to this page  www.celciustechnology.com?iid=ELC-iECU-PTW
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