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Category- Training Weapon - AK

 Item Name  CELCIUS CTW AKM Expert Solution
 Information  Everything is pre-installed, except the handguard, stock, and electronic.
 Dust Cover Included
  Once again, Celcius innovation has moved the goalpost in the superAEG. Meet the all new ultimate Celcius Training Weapon AKM, an uncompromising modern Training Weapon system. This is the excact 1:1 replica of the 7.62mm AKM (Автомат Калашникова Модернизированный; Avtomat Kalashnikova Modernizirovanniy). Everybody knows, one of the beautiful things about CTW is everything feels familiar just like the real steel. The muzzle. handguard, gas tube, rear sight, and stock; are all 100% compatible with the real AK accessories.
  The Expert Solution is perfect for those who have their own preferences for the electronics and furnitures. Everything is pre-installed except the handguard, stock, and electronics. And yes, the electronic is 100% compatible with the M4 series electronics. A complete manual on how to install the ECU, Motor, and MOSFET is provided.
  The unique expertise of airsot gun in the field of high quality material is evident not only in this hi-tech Training Weapon, but also in the research into further innovative solutions. The AKM tight 6.03mm Reformation Barrel IV is extremely accurate. With the combination of AKM Alpha Cylinder Unit with new nozzle, it delivers more kinetic energy, traveling the downrange, and accurately hit the target you have to take out. It is incredibly robust! If you are out there in a bad situation, you want to know that that every round has an effect.
  Experience the overwhelming performance of the CTW AKM gives the most intense experience of power in airsoft world. This is a few steps up from the M4 Series, a hardcore airsoft gun that can do serious damage and considered a real firearm in some countries.
 AKM Expert Solution Specs.
  6.03mm Reformation Barrel IV for AKM – Stainless Steel
  One Piece CNC processed Steel Outer Barrel
  Cylinder - Muzzle Velocity
  450FPS 1.9 Joule or above (Assembled in Russia) - EXCLUSIVE DISTRIBUTOR - OVERTUNE
  400FPS 1.5 Joule (Upgrade/downgrade by request
  360FPS 1.2 Joule (Expert Solution Standard Spring)
  320FPS 1 Joule (Spain Version) - AUTHORIZED DEALER - CELCIUS SAB
  *All AKM Cylinder Components are compatible with CTW M4 Series\\\' cylinder, except the Case, Cylinder Head, Spring Guide, and Nozzle A
  CELCIUS AKM Stamped Receiver
  CTW AKM Planetary Gearbox
  AKM 150 Rounds High Speed Magazine Inner Case (Compatible with Real AKM Steel Magazine Case)
  AKM Steel Case (Russian Spine Stamped Version)
  Handguard (Not Included)
  The top and lower handguard is 100% compatible with RS.
  The stock tube is RS dimension, and compatible with the RS stock.
 Link to this page  www.celciustechnology.com?iid=CTW-AKM-ES
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