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Category- CTW/PTW Upgrade Parts

 ASB-BRL-021R - CELCIUS Reformation Hop Up - Chamber (Complete Set)
 Item ID  ASB-BRL-021R
 Item Name  CELCIUS Reformation Hop Up - Chamber (Complete Set)
 Information  NEW - One Piece Hop Up Rubber
 NEW - One Piece Hop Up Adjuster
 NEW- Reinforced Hop Up Adjuster Holder
 NEW - Modified Barrel Key
 NEW - Axis Alignment Ring
 Why it is good for you?
 1. One piece hop up rubber will give you 100% air seal
 2. Better Hop Up stability so you will get better accuracy
 3. One piece is simple, and much easier to install
 4. You know how easy to open the Barrel Key right?
 5. Axis Alignment Ring will hold your cylinder more stable, perfectly center and aligned with inner barrel, hop up, chamber and nozzle.
 Pre-Order (Available Date 15 Nov 2014)
 **Inner Barrel is NOT included
 Link to this page  www.celciustechnology.com?iid=ASB-BRL-021R
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