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Category- AEG Parts

 CSP-C-01 - CELCIUS Cylinder Grease
 Item ID  CSP-C-01
 Item Name  CELCIUS Cylinder Grease
 Information  NEW formula! CELCIUS CYLINDER GREASE is specifically designed to maintain high performance air gun / airsoft gun in top notch condition.
 - Excellent air compression
 - Higher muzzle velocity
 - Reduce piston head friction
 - Stabilize air pressure
 The lubrication of piston seal is very important for optimum performance and long term enjoyment. With CELCIUS CYLINDER GREASE the piston seal will move smoothly in the cylinder.
 How to use:
 - Apply evenly through the compression cylinder.
 - After the lubrication is applied, 15-25 round of ammunition should be fired from the gun to ensure the lubrication has evenly coated the compression chamber. (Do not dry fire!)
 Product Size:
 -Height 18.52mm
 -Diameter 31.07mm
 Net Weight: 12g
 Made in Hong Kong
 Link to this page  www.celciustechnology.com?iid=CSP-C-01
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