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Category- Training Weapon - M4

 M4-CQB-MX4CV - Celcius Training Weapon M4 CQB MX-4 (Civilian Version)
 Item ID  M4-CQB-MX4CV
 Item Name  Celcius Training Weapon M4 CQB MX-4 (Civilian Version)
 Information  MX-4 Specifications
 ECU & Motor (Operating voltage 14v - 18v)
 -Celcius Dynamic ECU™ - Full Auto & Burst
 -MX-4 RACE™ MOSFET board with Silver-Plated conductors
 -Typhoon III Motor
 -Micro-Grooved 6.01mm Reformation Barrel III – Stainless Steel
 -CNC processed Steel Outer Barrel
 Muzzle Velocity
 -430FPS 1.7 Joule (Standard)
 -360FPS 1.2 Joule (UK Version)
 -320FPS 1 Joule (Spain Version)
 Gearbox - 100% CNC Processed
 -Celcius Reformation Gearbox
 -C.A.S.S - Celcius Ambidextrous Safety Selector
 -120 Rounds High Speed Magazine
 -Steel Case
 Recommended Battery:
 -300-400FPS | 1 – 1.4 Joule: Lipo 11.1v 2400mAh 20C
 -450-600FPS | 1.5 – 3.3 Joule: Lipo 14.8v 1350mAh 20C or higher
 Link to this page  www.celciustechnology.com?iid=M4-CQB-MX4CV
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