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Category- Training Weapon - M4

 M4A1-MX3-K2 - M4A1 Professional Kit without Carrying Handle
 Item ID  M4A1-MX3-K2
 Item Name  M4A1 Professional Kit without Carrying Handle
 Information  Once again, Celcius has moved the goalpost in the real size superAEG market. Meet the all new ultimate Celcius Training Weapon MX-3, an uncompromising modern Training Weapon system. Everybody knows, one of the beautiful things about CTW is everything feels familiar just like the real M4. So if you ever fire that weapon system; the grip, receivers, bolt stop, magazine, everything is the exact same! Unlike traditional airsoft gun, the CTW MX-3 is made of high quality reinforced metals, and Mil-Grade polycarbon. Just like the predecessors, CTW MX-3 final finish is outstanding in inclement weather, because Celcius has chosen to offer the real-steel manganese and zinc Parkerizing systems for the MX-3. The U.S. Military recognized this type of coating as the perfect finish for their weapons.
 The perfect combination of the Celcius Dynamic ECU™, MX-3 DP-System™ Mosfet board with Silver-Plated conductors, and Typhoon II Motor; results in extremely fast trigger reaction and Rate of Fire. The enlarged new heat-sink allows the Mosfets to cool even faster. Celcius builds a Training Weapon which is more accurate and powerful! And to give the best chance of using that power, the MX-3 comes with the Full Auto & Burst Celcius Dynamic ECU™.
 The unique expertise of airsot gun in the field of reinforced metal, and mil-grade polycarbonate is evident not only in this hi-tech Training Weapon, but also in the research into further innovative solutions. The MX-3 tight 6.00mm Reformation Barrel II is extremely accurate. With the combination of Alpha Cylinder Unit with new nozzle, it delivers more kinetic energy, traveling the downrange, and accurately hit the target you have to take out. It is incredibly robust! If you are out there in a bad situation, you want to know that that every round has an effect.
 The overwhelming performance of the CTW MX-3 gives the most intense experience of power in airsoft world. This is a few steps up from the MX-2 Series, a hardcore airsoft gun that can do serious damage and considered a real firearm in some countries.
 MX-3 Specifications
 ECU & Motor:
 Celcius Dynamic ECU™ - Full Auto & Burst
 MX-3 DP-System™ MOSFET board with Silver-Plated conductors
 Typhoon II Motor
 6.00mm Reformation Barrel II – Stainless Steel
 CNC processed Steel Outer Barrel
 Muzzle Velocity
 400FPS 1.5 Joule (Standard)
 360FPS 1.2 Joule (UK Version)
 320FPS 1 Joule (Spain Version)
 CTW Planetary Gearbox
 120 Rounds High Speed Magazine
 Steel Case
 Recommended Battery:
 300-400FPS | 1 – 1.4 Joule: Lipo 11.1v 1200mAh 20C
 450-600FPS | 1.5 – 3.3 Joule: Lipo 11.1v 1200mAh 20C
 Package description will be available soon.
 Link to this page  www.celciustechnology.com?iid=M4A1-MX3-K2
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