Having years of experiences working in the gun manufacturing facility for the military, the decision then came to open our own workshop for air gun upgrade and customization. Customers came not only to troubleshoot their air guns, but new customers with their airsoft guns.
After building our small business for almost a decade and having loyal customers who recommended us to their friends, we decided to sophisticate and modernize our facilities to serve a larger customer base.

In 2004 we started setting up a facility for mass customization and in 2007 the facility started running in full capacity to serve customers from neighboring countries, who wish to have airgun and airsoft guns from certain brands but are unable to gain satisfaction from the original manufacturers' quality standard.

Now we are manufacturing and supplying high quality, durable airsoft gun, parts, and accessories to fulfill the need of airsofters for high quality products.

CELCIUS will always be your right choice for high quality AEG, Training Weapon, and upgrade parts.

Celcius Professional Technicians always test the hardness and tensile strength of metal body, gearbox, gears, springs, and other metal parts with this advanced equipments.

CELCIUS parts will improve and ensure the performance and durability of your airsoft gun.